I was playing with perspective…. I saw a photo taken in San Diego that was rather well made and I thought I could figure out where it was taken from as well as the focal length used.

So I set out to do so. This first image was taken fairly close to the glass building and with a 35mm lens. In it you can see the size of the building between the 2 glass buildings. It appears fairly far back and rather small. The idea here is that when your close to the front object it appears large in comparison to background objects. This was not the photo I saw and I knew I had to move back.

In Close using 35mm lens

In this second image I moved way back across the bay the next day and used a long lens (150mm). Since the distance from the camera to the front object is farther than the distance between the front object and the background object the background object is much larger. This is not caused by the focal length of the lens but rather the distances involved. This was the photo I saw and was trying to duplicate. OK, so not so bad as it only took two tries.

Using 150mm lens

This final image is from the same location above but using a 35mm lens. You can see that the relative scale of the building above is the same but the overall image is much larger. That’s from the much smaller focal length.

Using a 35mm lens from the same spot as above.

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