Return visit to East Jesus

Drove out to the Salton Sea on Sunday with Ann. We left under cloud cover and drizzle but it turned to sunshine and warm weather in the desert. We stopped in Bombay Beach to see if I could get some bird photo’s but no such luck. Too many people out there and the birds all find another spot. So we drove on to Slab City and East Jesus.

150524-7566 150524-7572

The truck is still there with a few new ornaments.


Some smart guy decided if there is an East there must be a West.


It’s been 2 years since I took some photo’s out there. I did take my friend Tom out since but didn’t take any pics. East Jesus is the Art community in the back corner of Slab City and the only thing that draws me there. I admire the creativity of using the left behinds (or trash) of people who stay out there. Ann does not appreciate the junk so stayed in the car as it was a bit warm out.


This was there 2 years ago.


The TV wall has been updated. New slogans have been posted.


The crazy houses are still there. Epileptic Carpenter!


This is new. Made of plastic grocery store bags.


The Duck and Bottle Wall are the same.


The sunken bus has deteriorated but has a new mural painted on it.


A couple of new items.


After leaving East Jesus we drove around Slab City and I found this site interesting. I find this a bit funny as to me it’s not freedom when you carry this kind of attitude. I mean get a life Dude!


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