Cruisin Grand May 29, 2015

Back to Escondido on Friday night. 1st really nice Friday in a  month!

If anyone is a camera nut I find this lens works well. Canon 16-35mm, F/2.8 zoom. Usually at 20mm and F/16. Aperture priority with Auto ISO.

Seems like there is always one car that stands out above the others. For me it was this 54 Corvette. Front license plate said 51, back one said 54. I’m going with 54. 🙂

54 Corvette

54 Corvette


Love the small humps and small gauges they used.


Really nice Pontiac.




Someones home made car. Had a Corvette engine.

Home Made

Home Made

Metal seats.

150529CruisinGrand-7701 150529CruisinGrand-7699

Awesome 61 Chevy Impala.

150529CruisinGrand-7710 150529CruisinGrand-7707 150529CruisinGrand-7704

Plymouth Super Bird

Plymouth Super Bird

$4,737.25 sticker price. Value today????


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