This full moon was on Aug 29th, 2015. Since there were some clouds in the sky on my drive down I was thinking this might not work out but since I was close and it’s a 40 mile drive I figured I better try it. Glad I did. I got setup about 15 minutes before sundown so I had some time to play with the camera settings. What I did was do 3 photo HDR sequences starting at 1 stop apart and then as the time went by and the moon got higher I expanded this out to 2 stops. The reason for this is that the moon gets brighter as it rises and the skyline gets darker as the sun sets further making a scene with a greater range of light from dark areas to the moon which is the brightest object. At the end of the night I took 100 photo’s but several turned out pretty good.



I used my 100-400mm zoom lens with most images at ~320mm. Here the moon is coming up from behind the buildings. These shots are about 1 minute apart so things change fast. You really do have to think on your feet and move fast to keep shooting.









7:29pm at 400mm

Then there were a few I’m not posting as the moon still rises. At 7:32pm I did this shot and noticed when I got home that there was a wisp of clouds.

150829-9101hdrWhen the moon got up a little higher it started lighting up the water real nice. This was a single exposure of 1.3 secs, F/8, ISO400.




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