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Return visit to East Jesus

Drove out to the Salton Sea on Sunday with Ann. We left under cloud cover and drizzle but it turned to sunshine and warm weather in the desert. We stopped in Bombay Beach to see if I could get some bird photo’s but no such luck. Too many people out there and the birds all find another spot. So we drove on to Slab City and East Jesus.

150524-7566 150524-7572

The truck is still there with a few new ornaments.


Some smart guy decided if there is an East there must be a West.


It’s been 2 years since I took some photo’s out there. I did take my friend Tom out since but didn’t take any pics. East Jesus is the Art community in the back corner of Slab City and the only thing that draws me there. I admire the creativity of using the left behinds (or trash) of people who stay out there. Ann does not appreciate the junk so stayed in the car as it was a bit warm out.


This was there 2 years ago.


The TV wall has been updated. New slogans have been posted.


The crazy houses are still there. Epileptic Carpenter!


This is new. Made of plastic grocery store bags.


The Duck and Bottle Wall are the same.


The sunken bus has deteriorated but has a new mural painted on it.


A couple of new items.


After leaving East Jesus we drove around Slab City and I found this site interesting. I find this a bit funny as to me it’s not freedom when you carry this kind of attitude. I mean get a life Dude!


In October I took a few days to travel down the coast with Sandy. I picked her up at the San Fransisco airport and we spent the day in San Fran and then drove down Highway 1 back home.

Our first stop was fisherman’s wharf for some breakfast then we drove around San Fran to see some sights. Made it to Haight-Ashbury and through Golden Gate Park although traffic was very busy. I finally made it to Alamo square and got my scenic photo of those Victorian houses and the downtown skyline behind it.

San Francisco bay

At the end of the day we headed towards Santa Cruz and finally stopped in Watsonville for the night. We mistakenly stayed at a Motel 6 thinking we could save some money but it sure was not worth putting up with the noise.

Haight – Ashbury & Ben & Jerries

Lombard Street

Love the architecture

Victorian houses & Downtown

In the morning we drove into Monterrey and stopped in Cannery Row for some breakfast. What a great little town. Very scenic.

Cannery Row – Monterrey

Flowers at the table

We ate at the Fish Hopper Restaurant and then browsed around a bit. The Monterrey bay is full of sea life and it makes a great place to spend some time. We didn’t go to the aquarium but I have been a couple of times before and I highly recommend it. One of the best for sure.


Homes along the coast

Then it was down 17 mile drive towards Carmel where we stopped for lunch. We stopped a few times along the coast for photo’s.

The Lone Cypress

After leaving Carmel we headed down Highway 1 and stopped at the Bixby Bridge which is one of the most photographed bridges. Sure was a task to build all this.

Bixby Bridge

We stopped in Big Sur and got some more pics:

Elephant Seals

Moro Bay

Then to finish the day we stopped in Cambria for the night and it was a whole lot better as we stayed right on the ocean front and it was quite. Next day we headed down to Santa Barbara after first stopping to visit a friend of hers in Pismo Beach. We stopped at the Santa Barbara Mission for a tour.


I was able to stop in Yosemite for part of a day on my return from San Leandro. My timing was not good as it was in the morning and the sun comes up in the East but the best photo locations wanted the sun in the West. Rather than spend the whole day I had to move on as I needed to get some work done on Monday. The day was Saturday so I needed a little travel time.

When I drove into the park the scenery was really nice with lots of trees and wining roads. So I took this shot along the road.

Since this was October it is the dry season and it hasn’t rained in a while so all the waterfalls were very dry or completely dry.

I took a photo of Bridalveil falls and you can see just a trickle of water coming down. Yellowstone falls were completely dry. Spring is the best time to visit here because of the snow melt and fresh greenery.

Yosemite Falls

Bridalveil Falls

I couldn’t pass up a good shot of El Capitan as it was the only thing in decent light.

El Capitan

After driving around and checking things out I stopped by the bridge over the Merced river to try get a photo of Half Dome. The lighting was bad as it came in from behind the face leaving the face in shadow so I took 5 photo’s all bracketed one stop apart and made this HDR image. It came out all right to my surprise.

Half Dome

On the way out of the valley I stopped at the tunnel view overlook and took this photo. Again, all these photo’s would have been better later in the day when the sun lights up the face of Half Dome and the valley lights up but that’s how it works.

Tunnel View Overlook