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Trips to the Zoo and Safari Park

Since Google made this a free download I did so and am very glad I did. All the modules I’ve tried have been great. Here are some B&W conversions that I did from zoo photos.

The original color version and the B&W:



And a Gorilla from a couple of days ago.


Yes, a new Canon 100-400mm zoom lens. Model is Canon EF100-400 4.5/5.6L USM IS II.This is the 2nd version of Canon’s 100-400 zoom.

I bought it mainly for zoo photo’s plus birds. Currently I use a 70-200mm or a 300mm prime for the zoo. The prime is too long sometimes and the zoom too short. My 70-200 does not have IS (image stabilization) but the 300 does. This lens will replace the 70-200 zoom.

At 100mm zoom

At 100mm zoom

at 400mm zoom

at 400mm zoom

150730-6144 150730-6141

And from the Zoo. I’ve visited this tiger cage many times and this was the first time a tiger walked up and looked right at me. What else is strange is that several shots prior to this one and a few after it all came out over exposed. I guess sometimes you get lucky. 🙂 This was also shot through that thick plexiglass they use. By using a large aperture and getting right up to the glass I was able to make the glass disappear. I did use a monopod for some added stability.


Tiger 164mm, 1/100 sec, F/8, ISO 800 Aperture Priority

And this bird also shot through glass but it was under exposed and thus came out a bit noisy.


Bird 227mm, 1/640 sec, F/5.6, ISO 800 Aperture Priority