Yesterday I bought a new car. A Jeep Renegade TrailHawk which has 4X4 off-road capabilities. This will allow me to get to more remote locations for some improved images (I hope).

I now dare to go down muddy gravel roads without thinking about getting stuck with the old front wheel drive car.


It was a rainy day but the clouds were breaking making it a magical sky.


Now I can drive down these 2 track roads without any worry. More to come….

The rain is ending today so I went out to catch some breaking clouds. This is a valley a short distance north of town.



Yesterday my back yard looked like this. Hills are turning green.


I tried some different lighting today. Used a style known as clamshell lighting. Consists of one large soft box (main light) directly above the camera and facing down at about 45 degrees. A 2nd smaller soft box acted as the fill light also directly in front of camera but lower and facing up at about 45 degrees. The catch light in her eyes comes from this light.

This produces a flat light with only soft shadows on the sides of the face and under the chin. Perfect for us older folks.

I did put another light on the background to make it white. It’s all about the light (and the expression).

This style of a head shot is strongly influenced by Peter Hurley. The lighting is general lighting principles.





Myself, Sandra, Lynette, and Michelle took the train from Solana Beach up to San Juan Capistrano and back on Monday, December 12, 2016. The train station is very close to the Mission so it was an easy day and just perfect weather. I took several photo’s with my Canon G7X camera.



But first we had lunch at a restaurant across the street.









Talked to this woman who was doing an oil painting. Turns out she was born in Minneapolis just like me. Small world.



I started doing some testing with the 4 x 5 View camera last night. This was the best image from the 6 I took. Taken at sundown. Lens was a Schneider Symmar-S 180mm. Exposure was 12 seconds at F/8. Film is Ilford Delta 100 (iso 100). I used 3 filters, a #8 yellow, a 2 stop split neutral density, and a 6 stop neutral density. Negative developed in Ilford DDX and scanned on an Epson V800 flat bed scanner then processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro.